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They lay next to each other in bed, sweaty and breathless, their bodies barely covered by the sheets. They’re both staring at the ceiling shocked and embarrassed about what has just happened – even if Seth has a hard time believing it did indeed take place. Because it can’t have happened; he can’t have possibly just had sex with his best friend.

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you know if i don’t find good smut to read i’m just going to end up writing it myself and IT AIN’T GONNA BE GOOD FOLKS

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Imagine your OTP lying next to each other in bed, staring at the ceiling, embarrassed and slightly alarmed by the wild, intense, filthy sex they just had.

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Favorite Shield moments [1/?]

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Dean Ambrose ± kissing Roman Reigns on the head  

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My little brother.     

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all i really ask for is to have dreams of my otp banging or something

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